Who Am I

I'm a fun loving father of three beautiful active kids, and a husband who was lucky enough to find his soulmate. If you found this page you are looking at images that I thought at the moment were interesting, and with the power of photography I was able to stop that moment of time to be reviewed or shared later. My passion for photography was fueled by a curiosity I had for camera's, combined with a desire to capture my family's precious moments. Thanks for stopping by and feel free to drop me an email or call with any questions. All images posted to the site are down scaled for web browsing, but all images purchased will be in high resolution jpg format and can be submitted to the photo lab of your choice if a print is desired. Once I receive payment I will provide an email with a download link for the images you have purchased. If anyone wants prints and wants me to handle that step please contact me at mpdavis21@gmail.com